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Josh Malina


Tonight is the night for ABC’s Scandal fans! So many unanswered questions and – let’s all agree –  it’s been the longest summer ever!

Josh Malina, who plays Assistant U.S. Attorney David Rosen, took some time to answer these questions and make us all crave for more Scandal!

Spoiler TV: David and Olivia are frenemies (friends/enemies) and it seems that Olivia and her team are always on David’s way when it comes down to the scandals on the show. Is there a point where their relationship will have to be either this or that? I mean will they define their relationship as friends or enemies?

Josh Malina: Well, I think there will always be some fluidity to the nature of their relationship. There will be times when they can work together, or find themselves on the same side of an issue, but I can tell you that this season, they’ll be sparring more often than they’re hanging as friends.

Spoiler TV: Throughout season one David made a point of saying he’s the law and he does not break the law. Does that mean Olivia and her team are at risk of going to jail for cleaning Gideon’s crime scene?

Josh Malina: I think this is where David and Olivia most significantly part ways. Olivia is willing to do a variety of law-bending (breaking?) things, if she feels she’s on the right side morally. David is a bit more of a straight-shooter. And yes, I think he’d be willing to prosecute Olivia if he had some hard evidence.

Spoiler TV: Just give it to us: what is Quinn Perkins’ real identity? I know you’re not spoiling that to us – I had to try, though, who knows? – so, will Quinn’s real identity change the course of all the ongoing cases: Gideon and Amanda’s murders?

Josh Malina: If you didn’t ask this question, I’d have lost respect for you! That said, it’s not only an if-I-told-you-I’d-have to-kill-you question, it’s an if-I-told-you-Shonda-would-kill-me-question, so I must say “Please forward all QP questions to SCANDAL, care of tonight’s premiere…”

Spoiler TV: Will David and Olivia join forces to put Billy and Cyrus behind bars? Or will it be more like a competition to see who solves the mysteries faster?

Josh Malina: Well…again, we’re going to see a bit more competition between Olivia and David this season than teamwork. A variety of issues will make collaboration more difficult. I’m sorry for being evasive, but it’s baked into the job!

Scandal’s second season premieres tonight on ABC. Stay tunned!

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