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Rookie Blue is back this Thursday (05/23) for a brand new season… And a brand new life for both Nick and Andy, who last season, had gone off to an undercover assignment without being able to tell anyone what was going on.

Peter Mooney talked to us about joining an ongoing show and what lies ahead of Nick. Check it out!
SpoilerTV: How was joining the cast in the third season when everyone else were a tight knit family? Were you a fan of the show before you joined? 

Peter Mooney: I was. And I was particularly thrilled with where the second season left off so it was a really exciting time to join the show. Everyone was so welcoming. It sounds cliché but I really did feel after a few months like I’d been there all along. 

SpoilerTV: Do you do your own stunts? Where do you draw the line for doing them? What kind of stunt would it take to scare you? Have you done any real police training to get into the part? 

Peter Mooney: Haha. That’s between me and my stuntman. I like to do as much as I can but it can be tricky with the shooting schedule. I don’t think I’d like to do much with fire… Other than that I love action stuff. It’s generally much safer than we make it look. 

For the training, we have some amazing consultants on the show and working with them’s been invaluable. I also did a fair bit of reading and research on my own. 


SpoilerTV: In what ways are you different from Nick? 

Peter Mooney: He has a motorcycle and is therefore cooler. I use words like therefore… Less cool. 


SpoilerTV: How the friendship between Andy and Nick change after being together undercover for 6 months? Where does Gail fit in all this? 

Peter Mooney: All will be answered… season 4.


SpoilerTV: What episode are you currently filming and what can you tell us about it? What’s been your favourite episode so far that you’ve filmed? 

Peter Mooney: We’re currently on episode 2. I’m afraid I can’t say much lest I drop a spoiler… But I can say that season 4 starts off with a bang. I loved filming this season’s opener. It’ll be a pretty exciting trip back into the world for the audience.


Follow Peter Mooney on twitterRookie Blue‘s fourth season premieres May 23rd, 10/9c on ABC/Global TV. Stay tuned!


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