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Will Lacey ever forgive her best friend for her choices? More importantly, will she be able to hold on to that secret as her own?

The much awaited season two premiere of the drama The Client List airs next Sunday, March 10th, on Lifetime and we are all dying to know what comes next to Riley and her best friend Lacey.

The lovely Rebecca Field has hinted they will make worth our while! Read on:

SpoilerTV: What first interested you about playing Lacey? In what ways are she and you alike?

Rebecca Field: If I’m being honest, the first thing that interested me was the excitement of simply having a job, but what interests me and excites me now is seeing the evolution of creating and forming this character along with the awesome writing staff as the series progresses. It’s exciting because we’re still discovering new things about her all the time and she is different from me in ways that make playing her fun for me. Especially her clothes, hair and make up! I’d like to think that I’m a really good friend and am always trying to help and be there for my friends and family and I think that is something that Lacey is always doing with Riley, Linette and her husband Dale. I’m also able to relate to Lacey’s nosiness…I’m super nosey, I love having information and details.

SpoilerTV: The show was based on a television movie which was based on a true story, and although as a mother, I can understand Riley’s motivations, it is still a very controversial decision. What’s your personal take on that and, being the best friend, what’s Lacey’s take on that?

Rebecca Field: Yes, I agree it is a very controversial decision. But I think until you walk in someone else’s shoes you never know what they are going through and until you’ve been pushed to your limit you don’t know to what lengths you would go to save your family. I can’t say what I would do in those circumstances, I really don’t know, but I also understand Riley’s motivations! I think initially, like anyone, Lacey was disturbed and shocked and disappointed because she just couldn’t believe her friend would do that and that she wouldn’t turn to her best friend for help.

SpoilerTV: Lacey felt hurt and betrayed when she found out about Riley, because 1 – Lacey is her best friend and this is who you turn to in the moment of need and 2 – because of the moral of Riley’s choice. Will Lacey find in her heart what she needs to forgive and accept Riley’s job?

Rebecca Field: Yes, I think she realizes that she’s got no right to judge anyone and she loves Riley like a sister and she’s watched her go through this turmoil and knows better than anyone how hard it’s been. I think now she gets why Riley is doing what she’s doing…at least some of the time. I think it will always seem out of the ordinary to Lacey, but I dare say she’s almost a bit intrigued by how it all works now that she’s over the shock of it.

SpoilerTV: We’ve seen throughout season 1 that Lacey has a hard time keeping secrets from Linette. And now Kyle is back, to make it even harder to deal with the situation. Will Lacey be able to keep Riley’s secret this time?

Rebecca Field: Yes, Lacey is not only extremely nosey but also can’t keep her mouth shut. I think that you’ll have to wait and see what happens with Riley’s secret…..

SpoilerTV: Lacey has some crisis of her own to get to: the desire of becoming a mother. Is a baby on Lacey’s way this season? And, more importantly, will Dale be on board with that? I ask this because it seems that he’s doesn’t really want a kid right now…

Rebecca Field: At the end of Season 1 Dale had finally come around to the idea of having a baby, so you’ll have to tune in this Season to see if they move forward with that or not…..

SpoilerTV: How is it on the set of The Client List? I have the impression there’s always a lot of singing going on… lol

Rebecca Field: It’s SOOO much fun, we have a great cast and crew, there’s always a lot of laughing happening! And Love is usually breaking into song at any given moment and then we all join in! It’s great when it’s me, her, Greg Grunberg, Brian Hallisay and Loretta Devine…there’s always some instrument being played, song being sung, or dance being done!!!

SpoilerTV: Season 2 is 5 episodes longer than season 1. Does this mean we’re in for a big surprise? What can you tell us about Season 2?

Rebecca Field: All I can really say about Season 2 is, it’s BIGGER, BETTER, NAUGHTIER, FUNNIER, MORE INTENSE and MORE TOUCHING than last….lots of big surprises in store…DON’T miss it!

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